CH USUV UUF USJ Abbe Lane’s A Boy Named Sue NA-I

Sue’s Pedigree


This dog. Where do I even begin? He’s what has inspired this blog and I am certain will take me to a whole new level of dog training. I won’t go too in depth here since he will most often be the subject of this blog. He’s the GSP of my dreams, sired by my Ozzy and out of the lovely June at Abbe Lane Kennels, who is sired by the legendary VC Sharp Shooter’s Man in Black. Earned 5 titles by the time he was only a year and a half old and much, much more to come, I am sure.

Want drive and work ethic? This dog has it. He’s a dog that concerns me he would hurt himself or run til his heart explodes, his drive is that crazy. Fantastic nose, awesome natural retrieve, big heart to try anything I ask of him, and looks to boot. He’s a much bigger dog than his sire—about 25 inches tall and will probably mature at 70 pounds by the time he fills out. Nothing wrong with his size just a little bigger than my personal preference. It will serve him well in retrieving bigger birds, and he’s not heavy boned, just tall. Lovely broad head to balance his size as well.   

Sue challenges me regularly where Ozzy NEVER has, but he really is a blast to train. I am a lawyer because arguing comes to me naturally and I LOVE to argue. All the good dogs, horses, and men in my life should be my equals in civil disagreements, and Sue definitely fits that bill. But when it’s right and we come together on the same page—I think we are a force to be reckoned with.