SHR UWP GRCH Abbe Lane’s Prince of Darkness TAN NA-I “Ozzy”

Ozzy’s pedigree


Ozzy is not my first GSP, but he is the one who has brought me to the wonderful world of bird hunting. In more experienced hands I am sure he would be a hell of a lot more accomplished, but unfortunately for him he got to be my guinea pig. I have learned a TON from him: both what to do and what not to do. He has taught me so much and despite me screwing up he has accomplished quite a bit in his life. I ran him in his NAVHDA Natural Ability test, my first time ever seeing one, only a month after starting him on birds, and he scored two points away from a perfect score. This speaks completely to his breeding and ability—the only real input I had was on the tracking portion where he lost his two points.

I also became involved in Hunting Retriever Club with Ozzy, where he became one of the few GSP’s to earn his SHR. I had an absolute blast and wanted to go do the real thing after training so much for it—Ozzy got me on my first duck hunt as well. Although he will retrieve in water, dock jumping is certainly not his thing. He is far too serious for such silliness. His seriousness works well for him in playing disc: he makes clean catches with nice tucked up jumps and precise landings. No worries of injury from him and the way he snaps up his legs he shoulda been a hunter jumper horse. The first Skyhoundz event I ever took him to he qualified for Worlds.

As I have embraced and become very passionate about the UKC philosophy of the Total Dog, Ozzy became my first real show dog as well. Since he is the dreaded black and AKC is out for us, showing UKC was the only viable option for us. I might have been new to showing, but I am by no means new to critiquing conformation as I come from the horse world. I might be a bit biased, but I find Ozzy to be one of the most conformationally balanced and sound dogs I have ever seen. It was proven in the limited showing I did with him through a Reserve Best in Show and a Best in Show win the same weekend he finished his Grand Champion title. He also won a few coveted Total Dog awards at the few shows where I also did weight pull with him.


Ozzy has been the complete package for me—just about every game I’ve played with him he’s done well: NAVHDA, HRC, UKC’s pointing dog program, showing, weight pull, disc, and even some skijoring. He’s got drive, nose, style, temperament, athleticism, and looks all rolled into one dog. All that and he has a definitive off switch in the house as well. He’s a proven producer as he has sired many litters of successful hunters and lifelong companions, including my much loved Sue monster.