Prois technical hunting and field apparel for women: take pride in not being one of the guys!


I’m going to take a departure from dogs here and write about Prois, a company that makes a line of hunting clothing for women. But it’s so much more than that.

I have a clothing addiction and am a clothes snob. In my life outside of hunting and dog stuff, I LOVE fashion; it’s definitely a form of expression for me. Female hunters have very little to choose from out there when it comes to real, functional hunting clothing. I’m not talking about that gimmicky pink camo stuff. And don’t get me wrong, I love me some cheesy pink camo, but not for real use. Women either have to wear men’s stuff that makes us look like giant bag ladies and makes me want to vomit, or wear crappy women’s stuff that’s shoddily made or not functional in most cases. Prois has been the exception.

Before Prois–yikes!! Those pants, ewww.

I got into Prois a little over a year ago, when a fellow female bird hunter recommended me as hunt staff with them not so much for my hunting, but for all the bird dog hunt tests, trials, and other competitions I do with my dogs. I have been hooked from the beginning! Yes, some of their stuff can be pricey, but you get what you pay for. When you are out sitting in a duck blind at 5 am and it’s 25 degrees out and raining, do you want the cheap crap or the better quality clothing that keeps you both warm and dry? If you’ve been out there in the cheap stuff you appreciate the good stuff so much more. Not only is Prois clothing super functional but it is made for women and fits wonderfully. Why shouldn’t we look good while outdoors doing what we love? Fit isn’t just important for looks either, but for functionality and comfort as well. Prois is changing the look of the female hunter. No, we don’t want to be those dumbasses posing in bikinis with shotguns and fishing poles, but I for one appreciate still looking respectably feminine while being comfortable. When I’m hunting, I want to focus on the dogs in front of me and not be distracted by discomfort or shitty clothes.

My favorite piece I’ve gotten so far has been the Galeann Rain Jacket. Super super light weight but still surprisingly warm. Cut to skim the female figure in slender fit, but you can still flayer underneath. So, it’s lightweight to wear early season but you can layer and stay warm, and more importantly, DRY, when it gets colder. Hell, I just wore it a few weeks ago in JANUARY in Michigan on a long hike in the rain with my pups. It is impervious to the wet. The hood is super roomy to fit big hair or hats underneath. The jacket stows away in its own pocket. It’s available in solid, non-camo colors for streetwear for non hunters as well. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Not just for the field: the Galeann kept me dry in a downpour at dock jumping. Goes well with lace shorts too!

But Prois goes beyond the clothing. There’s a posse. I was welcomed into a group of women, a tribe of hunters, who support and empower each other. We are from all over the country and all genres of hunting, all walks of life, but we all share a passion for the outdoors and conservation. I can count on our posse of bad ass women to give me daily laugh; the wit and humor in this group is right up my alley. The collective hunting accomplishments amongst these women is astounding, and I am proud to be a small part of it. I never thought so much would come from supporting a line of hunting clothing.

Take pride in not being one of the guys, indeed.



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